Alison Ercolani has worked from 2000 to 2013 for B&B Film - dynamic documentary production company based in Rome - as Production Manager and Head of Production. She gained extensive knowledge on development, financing, production and distribution of international documentaries working with major international broadcasters such as arte, NDR, ZDF, BBC, NGCI, History Channel, Discovery, SVT, YLE, SBS, MDR, Planete, Al Jazeera. She managed field production for foreign clients by means of organizing and producing documentaries and TV programmes for foreign broadcasters and production companies; supervised company staff and office team work. Her long-lasting experience with the company also led her to gain extensive knowledge on international funding applications for which she has been responsible. She is now freelancing as field producer and fixer with foreign productions for documentaries and programmes shot in Italy. Also works as consultant for Italian production companies for EU Media Programme funding applications, projects development and translation services on film scripts, presentations, subtitles and websites.


2020 “In destination 2020” commercial for Get Your Guide Germany
2020 “Artemisia Gentileschi: National Gallery London” documentary for Bold Yellow Media UK
2020 “Rome Parade 2020” for Destination Events UK
2019 “Marvisia” fashion photo shoot Leimont Pictures, France
2019 “Greece Next top model” for Green Pixel Athens, Star TV
2019 “Learn your vegetables and eat your parents” Italy episodes, Netflix
2019 “Icomera the connected journey” commercial for Gas&Electric UK
2019 “Citrine” Apple iphone commercial for Proof Films Usa
2019 “Trottle Out” Vespa Cross Italy episode, Motor Trend Group
2019 “Bobby and Giada in Italy” Rome episode for Shrimp, Food Network
2019 “Ocean Trekks with Jeff Corwin” for Carnival Corp, ABC NBC Usa
2019 “Greg Wallace’s fun weekend” Rome episode for Rumpus Media, Channel 5 UK
2019 “How to take the perfect road trip in Italy” for Culture Trip UK2019 "Gino d'Acampo Iceland" commercial for 234 productions UK, Iceland
2019 "Gino d'Acampo Iceland" commercial for 234 productions UK, Iceland
2019 “Heine catalogue” photo shoot for Baker Kent, South Africa
2019 “Shape of Pasta” series for Ugly Brother studios, Quibi
2019 “P30 documentary with Steve Mc Curry” for Phix London
2019 "Hyundai AS Roma" commercial for Pitch Marketing Ltd UK
2019 “Megastructures” for DSP Endemol Shine London, National Geographic
2019 “Word history” for Dox productions London, arte & PBS
2019 "Being Beautiful” online content for Bianca de La Garza productions, Usa
2019 “First Dates Hotel” for Twenty Twenty Productions, Channel 4 UK
2019 “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” for Eclectus, National Geographic
2019 “Formula-E Grand Prix Rome” for Formula E TV, UK
2019 "National Geographic & North Face social media project, 7th Creative UK
2019 “Drive thru history” for Trinity Broadcasting Network, Coldwater Media
2019 “Unearthed” for Windfall films, Discovery Channel, France TV
2019 "Legendary Locations Sardinia" for Circle the Globe Productions Travel Channel
2018 "Mission Declassified" for Karga 7 Pictures Travel Channel
2018 "Cultures Italy" for Tiny Pictures Canada Shutterstock
2018 "Hyundai AS Roma" commercial for Pitch Marketing Ltd UK
2018 "Legendary Locations Sicily" for Circle the Globe Productions Travel Channel
2018 "Mercedes Benz & Avis street circuit weekender" commercial for Gas&Electric UK
2018 "Delicious Destinations Puglia" for Tremendous Inc. Travel Channel
2018 "Art of Craft" for Beach House Productions Singapore CCTV-9 China
2018 "Mighty Trains" for Exploration Productions Discovery Canada
2018 "Honda Marine" commercial for WCS productions UK
2018 "Sophie Monk does Italy" for Nine TV Australia
2018 "Travel Man 48 hours Milan" for North One TV, Channel 4
2018 "Mary Berry's quick cooking" Rome episode for Endemol Shine, BBC2
2018 “Gordon, Gino and Fred the ultimate road trip” for Studio Ramsay, ITV
2018 “Most extraordinary places to eat” for Outline Productions, BBC
2018 “Get your guide” travel app for Something Inc. UK
2018 “Gino’s Adriatic Italian Escape” full series for ITV Shiver UK
2018 “Brunello Cucinelli” commercial film for Criminal USA
2018 “Get your guide" app Rome” commercial for Something Inc. UK
2018 “Making your connection” for Vox Media Usa
2018 “Masterchef Greece” for Green Pixel Athens
2018 “Pizza i boys” for Orchard Media, S4C UK
2018 “Lego speed Champion Ferrari” AD for Advance DK
2018 "Conan without borders" for Conaco LLC, TBS
2018 “Living nativity in Greccio” for CBN documentaries
2018 “Mysteries at the Museum” for Optomen Productions, Travel Channel
2017 “Aida” TV & online TVC for Sirensrock, Germany
2017 “In the Shadow of.. “ In Good Company Canada, Tastemade
2017 “The Last Pope” for Committee Films Usa, History Channel
2017 “Wedding Day Winners” for Panda TV UK, BBC
2017 “The Dictator’s playbook” for Cream Productions Canada, National Geographic
2017 “Travel Guides” for Nine Australia
2017 “Tina in Italy” TVC for True Stories Norway, Kiwi
2017 "First dates hotel" for Twenty Twenty, Channel 4 UK
2017 “Babble Eats: Italy” for Disney Digital Channel USA
2017 “Bertolli Italy” for Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
2017 “Hunting Hitler” for Karga 7 Pictures, History Channel USA
2017 “Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape” full series for ITV UK
2017 “Travel Man 48 hours” for North One TV, Channel 4 UK
2017 “Nazi treasures” for Saloon Media, Brite Spark UK, History Channel
“India Live There” for Frame by Frame Singapore, Airbnb
"Jamie does Italy" series for Jamie Oliver Productions CH4
TVC “Swisse & Ferrari” for Collider, Australia
“Zapata presents The Art of Slow Milano” for Shuffle Media UK
“House Hunters International, Rome” for Leopard Usa. HGTV
“Delicious Destinations, Milan” for Tremendous Inc. Travel Channel
“Evan Funke documentary” for Tastemade Usa
“Mail Order Husband” for October films UK/Usa, Lifetime TV
“Microsoft Platinum Club 2016” for PBJS Usa
“Mercedes AMG Emotion Tour Italy” for L’Ecurie, France
"Civilisations" Renaissance episode for Nutopia, BBC
"Gino's Italian Escape, Hidden Italy"
"Australia's next top model" for Endemol Shine
"Civilisations" - Human body episode for Nutopia, BBC
TV drama "Mamoun and his friends" for Synergy, NBC Egypt (Line Producer)
"Karena and Kasey's diplomatic mission" for Imagination Tv, TVOne New Zealand
"Delicious Destinations, Rome" for Tremendous Inc. Travel Channel
"Man finds food" for Sharp Entertainment, Travel Channel
Lanca Perfume photo shoot for Andyfiord, St. Petersburg
"What is democracy" for National Film Board of Canada
Martini campaign behind the scenes for AMV BBDO, London
Sony Experia Z5 Champions League for Milkmoney, Australia

2016 Real story of… for World Media Rights, UK

2016 Memorable meals and moments for GoConvergence, Usa

2016 Food unwrapped for Ricochet, Channel 4
“See you in Milan” TVC for LIDL

2015 “Off-menu” for Tastemade, Usa

2015 “Red Bull BC One Italy” for Indigenous Films, Usa
2015 “Food cover” Afar magazine, USA

2015 Celebrity Cruises TVC, 2nd Unit – Amalfi Coast
2015 "You gotta eat here" for Lone Eagle, Food Network Canada

2015 "Follow up your past" for Lion TV, Travel Channel

2015 "Map of Hell" for National Geographic Studios
2015 "Huang's world" for Vice Media, Usa

2015 "Viking Ocean Cruises" for White Rain Films Usa

2015 "Calcio fiorentino" for Zerosix Italy - HBO State of Play
2015 "Gino's Italian escape, islands in the sun" for ITV UK
2015"House hunters" for Leopard Usa, HGTV

2015 La Koriador fashion shoot for Andyfiord St. Petersburg

2015 "Hannibal" Palermo segment, for Doheny Productions Canada, NBC

2015 "Problem solved" for Brite Spark Films UK, Discovery Channel

2014 "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" for Tremendous Inc, Travel Channel
"Billionaire" feature film for Edoko Film Production Wien
"Girl Eat World" for Lucky Bean Media, DSTV South Africa
"Mummies Alive" for Saloon Media, History Channel Canada
“George Clarke’s amazing spaces” for Plum Pictures UK, Channel 4

2014 “Italian Adventure” for Pro’ad Beirut, NBN TV

2014 “Rome views” for Keiichi Matusda, ScanLabprojects UK / Bulgari

2014 "Peeta Planet" for DubaiOne TV
2014 "Food Unwrapped" for Channel 4, UK (Researcher)
2014 "Hotel Impossible" for Travel Channel, USA (Researcher)
2014 "Megaspeed" for Exploration Productions, Discovery Canada
2014 "World Explorer" for Microsoft Corp. USA
2013 "Miracles Decoded" produced by Saloon Media for History Canada, Italy
2013 "Museum Secrets" produced by Kensington TV for History Canada
2012 "Eat and drink with Vic Rallo" produced by Sunburstcreative for PBS
2012 "You tube your film festival" for You Tube/Google
2012 "Museum Secrets" produced by Kensington TV Canada for History Canada
2012 "The Human Scale" by Final Cut for DR Television, Denmark
2012 "Faces of War" produced by War Torn Productions Canada for History Channel
2011 "Christianity Decoded" series produced by AP Canada for History Channel
2010 "Christianity Decoded" series produced by AP Canada for History Channel
2008 "Flight of the Earls" produced by Midas for TG4 Ireland
2007 "Christianity Decoded" produced by Tile Films for TG4, S4C, Vision TV
2005 "The Lost Gods" produced by Tile Films for TG4, S4C, Vision TV
2004 "Masterpiece Album" for NHK Japan
2003 "Fashion House" produced by Lion TV for Channel 4 UK
2003 "Heaven on Eart" produced by Tile Films for TG4 Ireland/S4C Intl.
2002 "Hidden Gardens" for BBC UK
2002 "Children Possessed" for Discovery Channel USA
2001 "Colosseum" for History Channel USA
2000 "Secret Passages" for History Channel


2016/2017 Line Producer “Murder in Italy” 4 part series for BBC, Sky Italia produced by Runtome film, Amber Television – release date March 2017
Associate Producer "What nourishes destroys me" in association with Rai, EU Media Programme, Italian Ministry of Culture
2013 Head of production "Zero Waste" in coproduction with ZDFarte, Bonanza film, Boeddischte Omroep, in association with SVT, RSI, EU Media Programme
2013 Delegate Producer "Banquet Boss" pilot for Discovery Real Time
2013 Delegate Producer "Banquet Boss" 6 x 23' series for Discovery Real Time
2013 Producer "Amici da brivido" pilot for NGCI
Associate Producer "SMS Save my soul"
Associate Producer "Mother India" in association with Al Jazeera, YLE, OHM, Rai, ERR, EU Media Programme
2010 Head of Production "The other revolution Gorky and Lenin on Capri" in association with YLE, SVT, RSI, MDR, Media Programme, Regione Campania
2009 Executive Producer "Housing" in co-production with Rai Cinema, Regione Puglia, EU Media Programme 2008-Head of Production "Hair India" in co-production with NDRarte, in association with Rai, OHM, YLE, ETB, EU Media Programme
2007 Production Manager "Che Guevara the body & the legend" in co-production with ZDFarte, in association with YLE, RTE, SVT, SBS, History Channel, RSI, VRT, LTV, ERT, EU Media Programme
2005 Executive Producer "Mitumba the second-hand road" in co-production with NDRarte in association with YLE, Planet, LTV, EU Media Programme

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